Being a landscaper

“It is no use asking me or anyone else how to dig… Better to go and watch a man digging, and then take a spade and try to do it.” Gertude Jekyll


So if you are thinking about either yourself or encouraging someone you know to follow this career path, there are a few things essential to being a landscaper.

You have to:-

  • have an artistic flair for all the designs and drawings that will be required,
  • have a natural love for plants and trees, and an interest in soils
  • be an early riser. Work on site starts at 07h00 as we follow the construction industry hours
  • have an extensive knowledge for working on numerous computer programs, including word, excel and graphic programs including AutoCad
  • have good physical body strength, with a good measure of endurance skills to see you through the long day on site doing your layouts, placing plant material and supervising planting methods
  • be dynamic and flexible in order to face up to the daily challenges that each site presents you. Not everything works to plan and for this you have to adjust your design and plantings
  • be been born with a huge amount of patience to cope with the everyday challenges, from traffic jams, staff hassles to matching your design to your clients requirements
  • be self driven to carry out all your company obligations and duties including marketing, consulting and all the administration that goes with running a company 


If you meet these requirements, then you will find that being a landscaper is very rewarding.

Not many occupations give you the satisfaction of being able to realize your design from paper to the ground.

Watching the garden grow into what you visualized is truly special.




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